Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tumse Hi... Jab We Met

Heard this song "Tumse Hi.." on the way home in the cab and m obsessed with it since then, but I never wanted to go and see any Shahid and Kareena flick...

Alright... I give up.. finally I decided to watch 'Jab We Met', it’s been long my friends have been after my life to watch this movie.. but trust me the idea of watching this movie was not sounding interesting until I gave up and went to see the movie..

To my surprise, I could not believe that they still make movies like this in bollywood.. all lovey dovey and pure feelings, people destroying their lives for each other.. At present everyone has become so materialistic and practical that they have forgotten about what it would mean to, sometimes just stop and think about our personal lives.. fast metro lives and demanding professional lives.. this movie was the right kind of break and a worth watch. After all those Shahid and Kareena movies... this is one movie I really liked...!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Blogspot or Yahoo 360..??

A new blog and a new start... its as good as building a new house, right from scratch.. Yahoo 360 has decided to turn so hostile. Yahoo have been talking about moving their 360 to a new blog space, however there is no news about it & nothing has changed on yahoo since then.. but I think now its time to say bye to yahoo as neither they are improving it nor it is going through the transition phase.. Anyways its time to get used to a new blogging page.. So welcome to Blogspot... :)

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