Monday, February 25, 2008

Change your life...!!!

"Change your life in 30 days &... blah blah blah...."

Sounds familiar... yeah to me too....

Some people believe it and some people don't.. but there are few who try to prove it... yeah sounds insane.. well not to me anymore.. :)

Last 6 years of my life, I have seen lots of ups and downs in my career and my life and then one day I finally decided to give up.. :( , don't know what it was, how did it happen and what made me decide it, but something was instigating me for long to give up, it was more or less like I was going through a nervous breakdown, as if something else started to take control of my life and I lost it all… huh.. bad phase I guess, or may be living alone away from family for a job that no more gives you job satisfaction, lousy colleagues & sick management… and someone who just can’t mind his own business and keeps poking his nose in your job.

You know what this made me decide, this made me decide that I need a break or a vacation or some kind of a change. After giving it a thought and discussing issues at hand with few close and not sooo close friends here is a list that was formed..

  • Go Goa…. Yippee

  • Go back to your home town… this was something that I was in agreement with but only 10%.

  • Find another job…. Hummm sounds good, but I guess we are talking about a break.. right..!!!

  • Join some course… SAP/CCNA/CCNP…..etc..

  • Go for a makeover… hummm.. but I guess I don’t have patience for this..

  • Pamper yourself.. go to Kerala Backwaters… yaar are these guys my friends or some travel agent..

  • Get a hair cut… I get it done almost every 2 months.. what’s new about it…

  • Shed those extra pounds….. hummm that’s definitely of interest.. now u r talking my friend...

  • Be more patient… what the hell is that supposed to mean.. I have myself become a PATIENT (noun) trying to be PATIENT (adjective) all the time..

  • Go for spiritual trip… have you lost your mind, I need a break doesn’t mean I need to break my head… I will visit temple, church, mosque, anything but why a trip.. I m yet to reach the stage of “Self realization” (oh god that’s Maslow’s hierarchy of needs)….
All that discussion was sure making me nervous it made me feel like I am standing at the “Crossroad of my life”.. it was a scary feeling.. as if I don’t have control of my life anymore and just the thought of it was giving me shiver and Goosebumps, I was confused and so I decided to talk to my best friend and speak out my heart, for I know she is one person in this world who will criticize me, be by my side for my decision, without looking for a benefit of her own out of it..
All this definitely made me realize that you should not take advice or rather ask for advice from all close and not soo close friends, rather ask for suggestions from people who are your friend + critics, doesn’t mean from someone who keep judging you all the time.. like may be your relatives or your next door neighbor…

Ok accepted I haven’t been taking any of these suggestions listed in the list seriously till date, but I guess its never too late, to start all over again..

I made my choice out of this list.. well those who know me would guess it.. but those who don’t, off course m not going to stop you from forming an opinion… but till the time I tell u keep guessing.. ;)

I waited and I think I just waited too long for somebody to come and make me see what I have been ignoring.. but life teaches everyone some people learn it soon and some learn it the hard way & I never like doing things the easy way… lolz..

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