Friday, February 22, 2008

"Tere bin jeena nahin...."

Something reminded me today that there are so many things that I have either overlooked or may be I was tooo busy to take care.. so many things that you once liked all of a sudden you realize that you no more even think about them.. and then one day some one suddenly give you a back what you have forgotten..

today after may be over 1.5 year I saw a number on my phone and it looked familiar, without guessing I said 'hello...' & the voice that I heard from the other end all of a sudden takes me back to past, what a pleasant surprise it was.. to talk to someone u thought u have lost long back someone u thought don't have time 'cause they are busy making a career and other family ties.. and this makes me realize that I still have friends who live miles apart but they still think of me..

The amazing part is that they still remember what u like and ur favorite song and what were ur last words, the last time u spoke to them...

.....this is for u my dear friend... :) 'cause u still remember that 10 years ago I told you this is my favorite song..

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