Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just another roller coaster ride...

This one post have been in draft for almost a month.. somehow I decided not to write anymore, well who knows when ur mind can again change and you decide to start writting again... well here I am back yet once again and decided to finish this post..

March got over long back and its seems like that the life went through hell lot of miserable things... A job, people & place that I used to love but hated the management so decided to leave it at the start of the year.. Few friends whom I decided to leave behind as it was more of a burden & a formality to keep them further as a friend..

Lost two dear friends in last twelve months.

Life went through lot of changes, people who were close went far and people who were far came close... last two years of my life made me meet some of the worst people I have ever come across in my personal and professional life.. people who like to assume, make perceptions, dis-respect others, can perform cheap stunts to show others down, selfish & self centered.. and the list goes on...

Its an old saying but yes its true.. people can be egoistic bastards.. when u have already lost a battle and it does not exist anymore, they want to still give it another try to win an already lost battle... they find it so hard to accept that they have lost and they lost it being a MAN, and that too they lost it from a WOMAN..

I dont understand why people find it so difficult to leave their past behind and move on.. why they want to try and stop the sand of time to slip from their hands even when they know that when they would open their hands nothing would be left... Is it so diifficult to face the reality or the truth, well I believe not..

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