Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Testing the Waters…!!!

Have you ever wondered that what it takes to keep that temper in control or to keep yourself in control from yelling at somebody you would not want to yell at… whoa.. I have lately started feeling that I am kind of loosing patience very easily, well I guess I am not.. It’s only the people and the situations that make me over react at times as they call it..

Ok lets understand this… now there is somebody you know for 4 to 5 years and its more or less like knowing them for your whole life and there is not even a single day that you have not spoken to them, and one fine day they just make you feel as if they are taking you for granted ‘cause they think that, come what may you are always going to be there for them & the kind of feeling you have at that point of time confuses you and makes you ask your own self that where the hell is that relationship going? You know that your friend is facing tough time and is trying to fix things in their own life but lately the behavior has changed so much which worries you, that what they are going to make out of their life.

You are giving them space and time, and also you don’t want to leave them on their own or alone ‘cause you know they will get lost if you are not there. Now it’s been more then a week and you want to talk to them about it ‘cause you are worried, but they are just avoiding all the conversations that you try to make… & then you end up yelling at them, not willingly but unknowingly even when you have been telling yourself, that be it whatever, but you will not loose your temper at all.

The response you receive at that time is don’t yell at me..., & it makes you feel as if you have made a complete fool of yourself again & as if you have lost all the right you had on them all this while, good lord, why can’t I just control myself & why can’t I just remember that I don’t have to yell.

Hmmmm… I have been thinking about this for a while now and I guess it’s time to test waters and put our relationship on test, and I should give them some more time to think about what’s happening in and around this relationship and their own life. ‘Cause I am tired of Listening and Saying the word SORRY. I believe that when two people are friends and when they understand each other well they don’t need to give explanations to each other or say that freaky word. So I guess I made my decision but implementation is definitely going to be difficult, for sure…!!!

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